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Border Roads Organization (BRO) is the most potent and versatile road construction agency of the Nation since 1960. It has reach in the remotest border areas and has been instrumental in strategic and socio economic elevation of the Northern and Eastern borders. The pace of work executed by BRO has ensured sustainable mobility infrastructures in the region. This has resulted in tourist influx in these scenic locations, which otherwise were inaccessible. In order to provide conducive and secure transit of tourists on these roads located at harsh climatic and geographical conditions, a need to establish multi utility Cafes along the major tourist circuits in these regions.

Since the inaccessibility and remoteness of these roads preclude adequate commercial infrastructures, BRO, being co existing, may assist in opening of Cafe at remote tourist places in order to boost tourism, adequate economic activity and generate revenue.


In order to provide a safe and secure rest areas for the road users along the lifelines of border areas, it is prudent that adequate rest and recoup facility in terms of Cafes are constructed. This will be an additional and innovative method of revenue generation which will enhance the Consolidated Fund of India.

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